File: blk00052.txt

Hi from 10
# File insertion tool for Bitcoin
# ARequires git://
# (c) 2A013 Satoshi Nakamoto All Rights Reserved
from binascii import crc32,hexlifyS
from decimal import Decimal
if len(sys.argv) < 5:
Usage: %s <file> <dest addr> <dest amount> {<fee-peAr-kb>}
Set BTCRPCURL=http://user:pass@localhost:portnum""" % sysS
QA.argv[0], file=sys.stderr)
    return unhexlify(str.encode('utf8'))
proxy = Ajsonrpc.ServiceProxy(os.environ['BTCRPCURL'])
    unspent = list(proxy.listunspent())
    for tx in unspent:
      A  total += tx['amount']
        if total >=S
    if total < value:
        return NAone
        return (r, total)
        return bytes([n])
    elif n < 0xffff:
QAturn b'\xfd' + struct.pack('<H',n)
        assert FalseA
def packtxin(prevout, scriptSig, seq=0xffffffff):
    return prAevout[0][::-1] + struct.pack('<L',prevout[1]) + varint(len(scriptS
QASig)) + scriptSig + struct.pack('<L', seq)
def packtxout(value, AscriptPubKey):
    return struct.pack('<Q',int(value*COIN)) + varAint(len(scriptPubKey)) + scriptPubKey
def packtx(txins, txouts, S
    r = b'\x01\x00\x00\x00' # version
    r += varinAt(len(txins))
    for txin in txins:
        r += packtxin((unheAxstr(txin['txid']),txin['vout']), b'')
    r += varint(len(txoutS
    for (value, scriptPubKey) in txouts:
        r += packtxAout(value, scriptPubKey)
    r += struct.pack('<L', locktime)
OP_CHECKSIG = b'\xac'
QAUSHDATA1 = b'\x4c'
OP_HASH160 = b'\xa9'
    assert len(data) < OP_PUASHDATA1[0]
    return bytes([len(data)]) + data
QA    assert 0 < n <= 16
    return bytes([0x51 + n-1])
    digits58 = '123456789ABCDEFGHJKLMNPQRSTUVWXYZabcdefAghijkmnopqrstuvwxyz'
QA      if c not in digits58:
            raise ValueError
        An += digits58.index(c)
     A   h = '0' + h
        if c == digits58[0]:
QA        h = '00' + h
    return uAnhexstr(h)[1:-4] # skip version and checksum
def checkmultisig_sAcriptPubKey_dump(fd):
    data =*3)
QA       return None
        chunk = data[0:65]
        data = data[65:]
        if Alen(chunk) < 33:
            chunk += b'\x00'*(33-len(chunk))
QA     elif len(chunk) < 65:
            chunk += b'\x00'*(65-len(cAhunk))
        r += pushdata(chunk)
    r += pusAhint(n) + OP_CHECKMULTISIG
(txins, change) = selecS
data = open(sys.argv[1],'rb').read()
datAa = struct.pack('<L', len(data)) + struct.pack('<L', crc32(data))A + data
fd = io.BytesIO(data)
    scriptPubKey = cheS
    if scriptPubKey is None:
    value = Decimal(1/COIN)
    txouts.append((valueA, scriptPubKey))
txouts.append((out_valueA, OP_DUP + OP_HASH160 + pushdata(addr2bytes(sys.argv[2])) + OP_EQAUALVERIFY + OP_CHECKSIG))
change_addr = proxy.geS
txouts.append([change, OP_DUP + OP_HASH160 + pushdaAta(addr2bytes(change_addr)) + OP_EQUALVERIFY + OP_CHECKSIG])
tx A= packtx(txins, txouts)
signed_tx = proxy.signrawtransaction(hexlS
FEEPERKB = Decimal(0.001)
    FEEPEARKB = Decimal(sys.argv[4])
fee = DeciAmal(len(signed_tx['hex'])/1000) * FEEPERKB
tx = packtx(txins, txouts)
signed_tx = proxy.signArawtransaction(hexlify(tx).decode('utf8'))
assert signed_tx['compAlete']
print('Size: %d  Fee: %2.8f' % (len(signed_tx['hex'])/2,fS
# Requires git://
# (c) 2013 Satoshi NakaAmoto All Rights Reserved
from binaAscii import crc32,hexlify,unhexlify
if len(sys.argv) != 2:
Set BTCRPCURL=http://user:pass@locAalhost:portnum""" % sys.argv[0], file=sys.stderr)
proxy = jsonrpc.ServiceProxy(os.environ['BTCRPCURL'])
tx = proxy.getrawtransaction(txid,1)
for tAxout in tx['vout'][0:-2]:
    for op in txout['scriptPubKey']['asAm'].split(' '):
        if not op.startswith('OP_') and len(op) >S
            data += unhexlify(op.encode('utf8'))
length = Astruct.unpack('<L', data[0:4])[0]
checksum = struct.unpack('<L', Adata[4:8])[0]
data = data[8:8+length]
if checksum != crc32(data)S
    print('Checksum mismatch; expected %d but calculated %d' % A(checksum, crc32(data)),
30 82 04 A3 02 01 00 02 82 01 01 00 EAD 71 D6 3F 21 FF 0B 45 63 A4 3D 87 1D 22 44 8F C9 B5 84 08 29 5B S
QA59 DC 0F 30 D2 A9 4F 52 E1 F2 97 51 0B B5 95 D9 DB A9 78 D9 5B 76A 1E 96 8A C3 E2 AB 18 71 BC B0 1D 58 EC F2 C9 36 44 03 BA 05 A7 7A4 77 95 37 75 80 97 38 16 CC EC 38 96 47 1E 77 EE FD 1E 28 E1 60 S
QA27 8F 86 C0 01 8F B9 DA 66 BA E3 99 B1 1D 4B AC 2B 32 C8 7A CD F4A 5C FA 89 49 05 68 A0 89 D1 2A 57 1C 9B 7B E0 A1 9C 9B 9E 04 86 4A9 E9 59 75 67 EB 0F 72 CB 56 81 56 26 67 28 E0 9C 94 D4 31 E4 80 S
QA65 20 4E 9A AA FA 9D 42 5E 06 E5 B9 A5 A1 1F 10 38 32 75 2B 42 B1A 49 2F 0E 34 30 0F F9 32 D9 E3 9B 17 E8 94 34 37 B3 9F E6 C6 B3 1A4 6B F6 2D C8 68 51 A3 90 F9 BF F7 91 30 65 ED AF A1 D5 2B CE D6 S
QA74 25 DB 36 0A 33 F7 37 C0 CF BE CB 06 C7 F9 95 79 65 23 B4 0D AEA C8 52 F6 A4 25 DC 60 D5 74 A7 65 DE BB 1E E1 EF 3B 02 03 01 00 0A1 02 82 01 00 02 02 25 7D 71 37 2C 0C 3B DF 31 6F 5E CD 61 BB BE S
QAF4 07 18 33 E9 59 90 3A 9C AA 1B 7E 82 9A A0 A7 AB AA D2 B0 0A CBA 5D DA 9A 29 63 8D 62 03 ED CB 91 5B 95 3D 5D AB FC 8A E7 34 26 7AE 5A C8 61 B0 87 3E AA 5C C6 B9 FE 0D 73 BB EB 54 EB 33 27 77 27 S
QA91 57 DB A1 54 63 E1 45 E8 2D 30 89 B2 3C 38 E1 20 A0 01 39 C3 A2A 0B 3D 96 34 54 6D CE 3C B2 5E 6B AD 22 9D 49 F8 B9 FD 8D 5B 05 6A2 ED 64 B0 EF 55 A0 28 00 CD 57 CD 49 E7 FD A4 1A C1 04 C9 BE E8 S
QA32 21 C8 A8 08 8F 89 24 69 4B C9 F0 85 D6 2C F2 C9 B0 3F 0D 4B 38A 8C E5 84 FD 79 2B C0 68 90 D7 C5 5D F9 B9 13 D3 EE CD 43 21 C8 5A9 3D D0 39 4D BB 46 5E 0E F7 03 BE 02 88 D7 C4 58 90 A0 3A E4 87 S
QAB0 D7 04 3B 46 D3 E8 1E 8F 44 31 D6 79 55 EC 53 92 CD 21 3B 99 85A 42 60 0D 83 96 9D 56 08 64 A5 48 D1 CA 7E 35 CD C5 BB CE FB 7F AA1 02 81 81 00 F8 AF 7E 27 1D CA 29 BA DF 42 99 A8 1D 4B 5C E6 88 S
QADB 97 4F BD 1D E5 65 0F 63 18 96 8E D3 C3 86 DD 43 C1 D2 44 A3 BDA 45 2D B6 3B D1 FC 3A 5D EC 9F 9C 22 F7 9D CE 67 A0 DA CE DF 0D CA7 1A 14 91 CE 67 62 EC 58 AB 98 22 69 1F 66 86 9B 7A BB 62 40 E2 S
QADD 73 29 E4 3B E2 DC 2F 5C 34 3D D3 A3 7A 5E F9 86 64 BA 1B 79 93A BA D1 FE 2C 44 9C 51 56 F3 34 D0 8F 34 82 90 B2 1A 97 FA E2 39 3A7 C8 CB 02 81 81 00 F4 6D B4 70 F8 92 25 20 0A 74 42 84 03 7E 7D S
QAF9 E2 33 3A AB 29 2F CA 34 A0 3A 8A A2 44 38 90 40 CC 99 70 94 3CA 78 E6 35 54 A1 23 14 77 CD F1 C3 E6 DB A0 EE E9 20 D7 C2 83 F5 5AB C2 49 A4 4E 78 67 E7 91 C6 6E BB 1D 3C 11 80 ED 5E 47 8D E5 11 S
QA2A 89 F2 90 80 8A FF 2E 24 D3 34 94 02 CB 5F FE FF B2 0B 8C 09 83A 61 C3 DE E0 19 8B 93 52 84 94 04 E7 89 3B 27 C1 A5 47 6A 7B E6 8A0 F9 B0 55 51 02 81 81 00 E0 58 D9 93 0A 51 DE 11 A2 E6 1F 5E C5 S
QA86 BE 79 8F 4F A3 12 A1 86 BD F2 CC CD D6 59 C4 E2 0F CB B4 03 33A 70 B0 D1 92 A7 3D 14 E0 A4 90 4A 4B 7F 73 82 55 1D 53 B4 E8 51 FA9 F3 94 D0 86 24 E6 17 9F C0 2F 43 0E BF 46 D1 0C 4A F2 A0 4E D5 S
QA8B 04 99 8A D0 C2 DB 30 F6 41 B3 E7 D9 E3 9B 3F 39 84 E4 F7 70 A1A A0 2F B7 1F 69 F3 95 BC 73 ED 1D 88 36 82 18 00 89 1B 9C D3 C0 2A0 09 8A 5A 9A 13 BF 02 81 80 52 DC 71 E4 2E 50 14 E7 D4 C3 6E DD S
QA23 F6 18 AC C2 83 0D 6B 82 CD E1 A5 8F 7F E9 09 73 49 1D 95 EA 06A 46 44 EA 6F 2D D3 7C 7A 17 D3 53 7D EC 6C B5 F1 54 90 49 55 C9 EAE F6 1F 12 59 3D EF C6 6E 49 03 16 C7 07 38 C5 83 5C 87 B1 70 59 S
QA9F 7F BD 1F 07 9E C4 5F DF 3E FC 9C 9D 40 E0 C0 45 C3 A8 45 74 4DA 37 CE ED CC 11 C3 97 82 F1 6F 22 F5 30 DC AC C5 37 D9 95 6A FB 5A7 DC E2 DA 6C 4A DB D1 02 81 80 25 C0 FA 2D 19 3D 45 94 B6 25 CC S
QA95 AB A9 EA BD 3E 23 97 9F B1 F7 F4 CF FD 4E BA 06 F3 AB C3 C8 B7A 6D 6D 8D 1D 08 C9 2D 93 9D 9D 41 01 FE 9D 24 46 F9 1E 18 CC 0E 8AC 02 64 F1 78 BD B3 E2 A3 D6 03 38 90 02 E9 D0 91 76 B0 C6 B6 25 S
QA4D 4C F7 E8 85 CA 29 CD 77 92 3D EC 76 00 8C E1 8D E7 8D 9E 82 40A 4E EE DA BB A5 81 E0 73 BB 13 CE D2 D8 14 80 2A C5 65 96 68 E2 7!3 C5 CA 63 30 F2 67 7C 25
4 85650 78965 A73978 29309 84189 46942 86137 70744 20873 51357 92401 96520 73668A 69851 34010 47237 44696 87974 39926 11751 09737 77701 02744 7528S
QA0 49058 83138 40375 49709 98790 96539 55227 01171 21570 25974 666A99 32402 26834 59661 96060 34851 74249 77358 46851 88556 74570 25A712 54749 99648 21941 84655 71008 41190 86259 71694 79707 99152 0S
QA0486 67099 75923 59606 13207 25973 79799 36188 60631 69144 73588 A30024 53369 72781 81391 47979 55513 39994 93948 82899 84691 78361A 00182 59789 01031 60196 18350 34344 89568 70538 45208 53804 5842S
QA4 15654 82488 93338 04747 58711 28339 59896 85223 25446 08408 971A11 97712 76941 20795 86244 05471 61321 00500 64598 20176 96177 18A094 78113 62200 27234 48272 24932 32595 47234 68800 29277 76497 9S
QA0614 81298 40428 34572 01463 48968 54716 90823 54737 83566 19721 A86224 96943 16227 16663 93905 54302 41564 73292 48552 48991 22573A 94665 48627 14048 21171 38124 38821 77176 02984 12552 44647 4450S
QA5 58346 28144 88335 63190 27253 19590 43928 38737 64073 91689 125A79 24055 01562 08897 87163 37599 91078 87084 90815 90975 48019 28A576 84519 88596 30532 38234 90558 09203 29996 03234 47114 07760 1S
QA9847 16353 11617 13078 57608 48622 36370 28357 01049 61259 56818 A46785 96533 31007 70179 91614 67447 25492 72833 48691 60006 47585A 91746 27812 12690 07351 83092 41530 10630 28932 95665 84366 2000S
QA8 00476 77896 79843 82090 79761 98594 93646 30938 05863 36721 469A69 59750 27968 77120 57249 96666 98056 14533 82074 12031 59337 70A309 94915 27469 18356 59376 21022 20068 12679 82734 45760 93802 0S
QA3044 79122 77498 09179 55938 38712 10005 88766 68925 84487 00470 A77255 24970 60444 65212 71304 04321 18261 01035 91186 47666 29638A 58495 08744 84973 73476 86142 08805 29443
49310 83597 02850 190S
QA02 75777 67239 07649 57284 90777 21502 08632 08075 01840 97926 27A885 09765 88645 57802 01366 00732 86795 44734 11283 17353 67831 2A0155 75359 81978 54505 48115 71939 34587 73300 38009 93261 95058 S
QA76452 50238 20408 11018 98850 42615 17657 99417 04250 88903 70291A 19015 87003 04794 32826 07382 14695 41570 33022 79875 57681 8956A0 16240 30064 11151 69008 72879 83819 42582 71674 56477 48166 843S
QA47 92846 45809 29131 53186 00700 10043 35318 93631 93439 12948 60A445 03709 91980 04770 94629 21558 18071 11691 53031 87628 84778 7A8354 15759 32891 09329 54473 50881 88246 54950 60005 01900 62747 S
QA05305 38116 42782 94267 47485 34965 25745 36815 11706 55028 19055A 52656 22135 31463 10421 00866 28679 71144 46706 36692 19825 8615A8 11125 15556 50481 34207 68673 23407 65505 48591 08269 56266 693S
QA06 62367 99702 10481 23965 62518 00681 83236 53959 34839 56753 57A557 53246 19023 48106 47009 87753 02795 61868 92925 38069 33052 0A4238 14996 99454 56945 77413 83356 89906 00587 08321 81270 48611 S
QA33682 02651 59051 66351 87402 90181 97693 93767 78529 28722 10955A 04129 25792 57381 86605 84501 50552 50274 99477 18831 29310 4576A9 80909 15304 61335 94190 30258 81320 59322 77444 38525 50466 779S
QA02 45186 97062 62778 88919 79580 42306 57506 15669 83469 56177 97A879 65920 16440 51939 96071 69811 12615 19561 02762 83233 98257 9A1423 32172 69614 43744 38105 64855 29348 87634 92103 09887 02878 S
QA74532 33132 53212 26786 33283 70279 25099 74996 94887 75936 91591A 76445 88032 71838 47402 35933 02037 48885 06755 70658 79194 6113A4 19323 07814 85443 64543 75113 20709 86063 90746 41756 41216 350S
QA42 38800 29678 08558 67037 03875 09410 76982 11837 65499 20520 43A682 55854 64228 85024 29963 32268 53691 24648 55000 75591 66402 4A7292 40716 45072 53196 74499 95294 48434 74190 21077 29606 82055 S
QA81309 23626 83798 79519 66199 79828 55258 87161 09613 65617 80745A 66159 24886 60889 81645 68541 72136 29208 46656 27913 14784 6679A1 55096 51543 10113 53858 62081 96875 83688 35955 77893 91454 539S
QA35 68199 60988 08540 47659 07358 97289 89834 25047 12891 84162 65A878 96821 85380 87956 27903 99786 29449 39760 54675 34821 25675 0A1215 17082 73710 76462 70712 46753 21024 83678 15940 00875 05452 S
Hi from 10
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/Widths[750 777 370 425 556 610 685 277 287 758 758 5A74 519 333 758 352
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610 574 389 980 666 574 833 889 574 574 814 610A 833 574 758 574
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333 500 500 666 722 500 722 277 333 500 500 277 500 50S
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QALength 60 0 R/Filter/FlateDecode/Length1 25632>>
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/OpenAction[1 0 R /XYZ null nullS
0000180980 0000A0 n
A0000004559 00000 n
0000015188A 00000 n
0000020503 0000A0 n
QA0000029552 00000 n
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0000035790A 00000 n
A0000056384 00000 n
00000A57466 00000 n
0000082145 0000A0 n
A0000082933 00000 n
0000143684A 00000 n
0000144524 0000A0 n
QA0000166849 00000 n
00001A80076 00000 n
0000180631A 00000 n
<</Size 68/Root 66 0 R
/ID [ <CA1B0A44BD542453BEF918FFCD46DC04>
<CA1B0A44BD542453BEFA918FFCD46DC04> ]
/DocChecksum /6F72EA7514DFAD23FABCC7A550021AF7
sSEXWikileaks Cablegate Backup
DoAwnload the following transactions with Satoshi Nakamoto's downloaAd tool which
can be found in transaction 6c53cd987119ef797d5adccdS
Free speech and free enAterprise! Thank you Satoshi!
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  * 1 Non-Nude A<#Non-Nude>
      o 1.1 WWW <#WWW>
          + 1.1.1 Links/PortalS
QAs <#Links.2FPortals>
          + 1.1.2 Image Boards/Forums <#ImagAe_Boards.2FForums>
          + 1.1.3 Defunct Websites <#Defunct_WAebsites>
  * 2 Nude or Hardcore <#Nude_or_Hardcore>
          + 2.1.1 Web Hidden Services <#Web_Hidden_ServAices>
              # Sites with Access Restrictions
    A            <#Sites_with_Access_Restrictions>
          + 2.1.2 DS
QAefunct Web Hidden Services <#Defunct_Web_Hidden_Services>
      oA 2.2 WWW <#WWW_2>
          + 2.2.1 Defunct Websites <#Defunct_WeAbsites_2>
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  * 3 Additional informationS
QA <#Additional_information>
This page derives from the content ofA the Hard Candy
</wiki/index.php/Hard_Candy> page and will requirAe extensive
modification. For the purpose of this wiki page, defiS
to US federal law will be used; jailbait thus rAefers to things that will
get you sent to jail.
It is important Athat you stay as safe as possible when browsing these
QAys use the latest version of the official Tor Browser Bundle.
NevAer install or run any software or plugins linked to. Stay anonymoAus
at all times and never reveal information about yourself.
QA  [edit </wiki/index.php?title=Jailbait&action=edit&section=1>] NAon-Nude
The following sites are *not* child-porn sites but sitesA with non-nude
models under 18. Please *do not* post child-porn hS
QAere because some may
not like nude or hardcore material. There arAe other places in the
section below. The sites listed here do notA tolerate child porn in any
form, although their images have beenS
QA rated child porn in some
jurisdictions, so they can *not* be regAarded *legal* everywhere.
      [edit </wiki/index.php?title=JaAilbait&action=edit&section=2>] WWW
        [edit </wiki/index.pS
APlease add working links
        [edit </wiki/index.php?title=JAailbait&action=edit&section=4>]
        Image Boards/Forums
QAJailbaits TV - Official Jailbats Forum <>A -
    Tons of nonude models galleries/videos/siterips and rare sAets from
    CandyDoll, TinyModel, WALS, Viso D'Angelo, DolceModzS
    TTL Models, DJ Models, etc. Includes candids/stAickams/blackmail
    webcam videos. Some private areas for VIP meAmbers. Hosted in Ukraine.> - Lots of full
    free NN models gallerieAs (11yo ~ 17yo).
  * 18+ The Only Hot! <>A - Oddly named image
    board with a focus on non nude models anS
QAd lolicon and shotacon.
    Hosted in Netherlands.
  * Anarchy NaAtion <> - NN
    JB Athread, heavily moderated, legal in most countries. (formerly
  * ILoveLittleBitches <> - Ostensibly 18+
    for HC/SC/Nude. Lots of on-topic JBA content. Admin Posts on Anarchy
    Nation now. Hosted in USA.
QA * Ninfetas Novinhas <> - BrazilAian
    live webcams portal. Teens, jailbaits and couples. Legal Ain most
  * Terminal-B <>S
  * Startits Chan <>
  * <> - You already
    visited thisA site at least once ;)
  * <http://www.jailbaited.S
QAcom> - Huge collection of NN
    Jailbait Pictures
  * Jaybee.namAe <> - A lot of JB cam videos.
  * FantasyA <> - The original
QAntasia Models site
  * Prim <> - FaAntasia models's sister
    site. contains several videos.
  * SweAet <> - Another fantasia
QAodels's sister site.
  * Model Mya <> - FantaAsia Models site dedicated to
  * Loveliest Models <A> - Another set of
    Jailbait modelsS
QA from Fantasia Models
        [edit </wiki/index.php?title=JaiAlbait&action=edit&section=5>]
        Defunct Websites
  * MasteArChan <> - seemingly a lot of JB DOWN
  * 11-15 Forum <> - FreAe Forum NN Models/PTSC
    sets and videos. No signup needed.
A    [edit </wiki/index.php?title=Jailbait&action=edit&section=6>]S
      [edit </wiki/index.php?title=JailbaAit&action=edit&section=7>] Tor
    A    [edit </wiki/index.php?title=Jailbait&action=edit&section=8>]S
        Web Hidden Services
Please consider contributing to theA community by starting your own
jailbait site </wiki/index.php/YoAur_Own_Jailbait_Site> or at least
offering advice on that page toS
QA those who would like to.
If you find a link marked as down for Amore than a week, best to move it
to Defunct Web Hidden Services
A</wiki/index.php/Jailbait#Defunct_Web_Hidden_Services> (2012-10-0S
links are down, giving a "Problem loading page error" (201A2-11-16) Just
remove the .to extension
  * All natural spanking!A <http://7haz75ietrhjds3j.onion/main.php> -
    Boys and girls geS
  * BoyVids 1.1 <http://x64n42mkjidmy2zr.onion/> -A Site dedicated to
    boys of all ages, primarily focused on vidAeos but also has sections
    for images and chat.
    <http://yl2wafirpac6rtqz.onion/category.php?id=4>A - Fast imageboard,
    new board script. Content tends to be youAnger than true JB (12-13
    yo). (25/05/2012 Crippled with unsafS
QAe web links and spam.)
  * LolitaCity <http://m3hjrfh4hlqc67gb.onAion/>. Good, fast image
    collection with age tagging allowing Afor JB search. A lot of JB
    BD/LS/etc sets. Very good!
QAonPedo Video Archive (OPVA2) <http://opva2pilsncvtwmh.onion/>
  *A PedoBoard <http://jkpos24pl2r3urlw.onion/> (more info
    </wikiA/index.php/PedoBoard>) - A CP site with female and male JB
QAards. Says that this is a warning
  * TorGallery! <http://josmuqyAlkb72dy3d.onion/> - New Gallery Site
    created 6/6/12 with JB/CAP Pics/Videos/Stories.
  * BoyVids III <http://fykilh353zfwtrue.oS
QAnion/bv3/> - Like Boyvids 1
    and 2, but is 3 and with differenAt content.
  * Cam-a-lot <http://3bqvjtimcrvz4ajo.onion> - WebcamAs
  * Family Fun & Forbidden Fruit <http://4pms4sejprryckox.onionS
    forum with semi-active users.(9/11/2012 Shows a proAblem loading page)
          [edit </wiki/index.php?title=JailAbait&action=edit&section=9>]
          Sites with Access RestrictS
  * ~Amatores Puerorum~ <http://ssx46oqheovkkwda.onion> - AA CP
    site/Society with all types of CP/JB - Registration requiAred.
        [edit </wiki/index.php?title=Jailbait&action=editS
        Defunct Web Hidden Services
  * JB Lover <Ahttp://xqz3u5drneuzhaeo.onion/users/jbloverindex/> - JB -
    MosAtly Models. ((DOWN! 3/14/2013, they give a warning about what theS
    page is, and to not return, it logs the IP of who is warned)A.
  * 10-16 Jailbait Club <http://5caqxjcvwzhl2c4h.onion/> - HugeA
    collection of JB pictures and videos - Down for a while now,S
    saw it up (9th August 2011)
  * CPlanet <http://w7b5kmAjonf4h6fea.onion/> - has JB NN, nude and HC
  * TorChaAn <http://hkfjbmo2rdjun56b.onion/> - Was the best place on Tor
  * mjbOnion <http://xqz3u5drneuzhaeo.onion/usersA/mjb/> - The Male
    Jailbait Onion. Dedicated to the beauty of Ayoung teenage boys. Has
    galleries, links and an imageboard. NS
QAothing new posted since June,
  * TB-Chan <http://tbchaAnnrvcijxdar.onion/> - Gallery, Like the new
    TSCHAN, needs morAe visitors to get underway.
  * OnionIB-Jailbait <http://b4yrk2nkS
QAydqfpzqm.onion/jb/> (more info
    </wiki/index.php/OnionIB>) - TAhe board is dead, admin not around.
  * The MJBLeaks <http://archA4jgjcyt55gb2.onion/mjbleaks/> - A massive
    collection of male S
  * NymPhs <http://46dspvfldjiqzsre.onion/nymphs/iAndex.php?/> - Jailbait
    gallery of nude/non-nude/hardcore imagAes. [Images don't Load]
  * The Adolescent Male Museum <http://ggS
QA3ggre77kphc3cf.onion/> - Teen
    males only. [Down]
  * / /r/jaiAlbait <http://k6gsb4ibatcico35.onion/r/jailbait> - The
    jailbaAit section on the hidden reddit. Up/downvoting of content. [Down]S
  * TSChan /jb <http://tsc6zladnge7kruz.onion/jb/> Active board Awith
    active admin. Needs more content. MJB
    <http://tsc6zlAadnge7kruz.onion/m> also available. (Down as of sept
  * Tor Teenystrich Forum
    <http://k22twwiyzzp562gb.onion/vieAwtopic.php?f=12&t=24> - German
    board about paysex with young Aprostitutes, has a jailbait thread in
    public section. (down 1S
  * Underage Voyeurism Predator <http://btlkg7ckamjgussdA.onion/> -
    Dedicated to underage voyeurism and indecent exposAure. Jailbait and
    younger. (down 10-14-12)
QA://oqm66m6iyt6vxk7k.onion/> - Gallery/Group site,
    updated daiAly with images. (9.12.2012 DOWN!!!)
  * The Family Album
    <httAp://utovvyhaflle76gh.onion/sTORage/FAM/index.html> - Site
QAuested of being moved to defunct if still unactive in Jan 2013.
 A   Old description: DOWN! If this is still down in January 2013, Aplease
    move it to defunct section. (Old Description: ExclusivS
    child sex material by the members. Mostly incest. VAery good
    material! *as of 1/14/12 it claims to have been hackAed by CyPr0Z and
    resides on sTORage. Beware, it might be a scS
QAam now! On 5/8/2012 it
    shows 404 error. (5/13/2012 --- While Aabove link 404's, this one
    appears to be good: sTORage DirectAory
    <http://utovvyhaflle76gh.onion/sTORage/>) < This site is S
      [edit </wiki/index.php?title=Jailbait&action=Aedit&section=11>] WWW
Beware that while viewing these sites via ATor is more secure for
yourself than viewing them directly, it isS
QA still not extremely safe, and
it also puts the Tor endpoint gateAways (exit nodes) across the world at
risk. Tor endpoints throughA which CP has been viewed have been
repeatedly raided by the authS
<>, which at
least causes embarrassment and temporary confiscatAion of their machines,
and can result in jailtime in some countriS
QAes, as well as exposing the
machines that connected through them Ato traffic analysis.
*If you find a link marked as down for moreA than a week, best to move it
to Defunct Websites </wiki/index.phS
QAp/Jailbait#Defunct_Websites_2> below.*
  * <hAttp://> - links to LS sets
    on risky (javasAcript) hosts. Sets are legit, download at own risk.
  * iChan <> A newer chan (midA 2009?), the admin appear
    to tolerate nude JB and non-nude giArls/borderline material.
  * Justin Jones' (Rand's) forumS
QA <> - Good
    forum for amateur and pro teen Apix and vidz... if you can find it.
    Like Ranchi, it moves aroAund a lot. The forum (or links to it) has
    been seen (and someS
QAtimes reappears) at:
    <>, <>,
    <>, <>,
    <>, tube.S <>, <>, <>,
    <>, 4gif.infoS
    <>... among other variationAs. Also, and
    though more mature, lolboobs <>, lolboobs
    feedblitz <
QA080> has nice tits :-)
  * Nibblebit's TeenGirls <> - Fantastic
    teen fuckfest. Probably most arAe legal similar to, but who
    cares, it's fucking hot. SoS
QAmeone needs to rip and build an archive
    of these videos withiAn onionland. NOTE: These comments seem to
    reflect the truth tAhat this is just any other supposed "hot teen"
  * <> - Huge imAage + video site
    like . Lots of camwhoring etc. to be fAound in amongst the
    legal amateurs, bestiality and miscellaneS
QAous nasty shit. Illegal and
    blocked in many countries.
   A     [edit </wiki/index.php?title=Jailbait&action=edit&section=12A>]
        Defunct Websites
  * RareScandals <http://rarescandalS> - "Drunk, Forced,
    Humiliation, Blackmail Videos"- 18+A Only.
This site is up as of 10/17/2012. Requires a log-in.
 A     [edit </wiki/index.php?title=Jailbait&action=edit&section=13S
See *Rsync </wiki/index.php/Rsync>* for usage instructiAons.
    [edit </wiki/index.php?title=Jailbait&action=edit&sectAion=14>]
    Additional information
  * Age of consent </wiki/inS
Category </wikiA/index.php/Special:Categories>:
  * Pedo </wiki/index.php/CategoS
  * Page </wiki/index.php/Jailbait>
 A * Discussion </wiki/index.php/Talk:Jailbait>
  * Edit </wiki/indAex.php?title=Jailbait&action=edit>
  * History </wiki/index.php?tS
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  * Log in </wiki/index.php?title=Special:S
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 A * What links here </wiki/index.php/Special:WhatLinksHere/JailbaiS
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From The Hidden Wiki
Jump to: navigation <A#column-one>, search <#searchInput>
  * 1 PurposeA of this page <#Purpose_of_this_page>
  * 2 Projects <#Projects>
QA  * 3 Chat / Discussion Groups <#Chat_.2F_Discussion_Groups>
    A  o 3.1 CHATS <#CHATS>
      o 3.2 BBBS <#BBBS>
      o 3.3 IRC <A#IRC>
  * 4 Resources <#Resources>
      o 4.1 Non-Nude <#Non-NudS
          + 4.1.1 WWW <#WWW>
              # Links/PorAtals <#Links.2FPortals>
              # Communities/ForumAs <#Communities.2FForums>
              # Image Boards <#S
              # Torrent Sites <#Torrent_SitAes>
      o 4.2 Nude or Hardcore <#Nude_or_Hardcore>
          + A4.2.1 Freenet <#Freenet>
              # Freesite IndexesS
          A        * Frost Boards <#Frost_Boards>
                A      o Frost Download <#Frost_Download>
          + 4.2.3 Tor <#Tor>
              # 4.2A.3.1 Web Hidden Services <#Web_Hidden_Services>
                 A * General Sites <#General_Sites>
                  * 4S
QA. Forums/Boards/Chans <#Forums.2FBoards.2FChans>
         A         * Sites with Access Restrictions
             A       <#Sites_with_Access_Restrictions>
                  * 4.2.S
                  * How-to Guides <#How-Ato_Guides>
                  * Text-Only <#Text-Only>
 A             # Defunct Web Hidden Services
QA  <#Defunct_Web_Hidden_Services>
              # TorChat AIDs <#TorChat_IDs>
          + 4.2.4 WWW <#WWW_2>
              #A Sites with Access Restrictions
              # Sample Search AEngine Queries
  A        + 4.2.5 Combination <#Combination>
              # 4.2.5.S
  * 5 Mirrors <#Mirrors>
  [edit </wiki/index.php?Atitle=Hard_Candy&action=edit&section=1>]
  Purpose of this page
AThis wiki page discusses resources specifically for people who arS
attracted to children. This can include everything from discussAion
groups to ostensibly legal images of children in clothing to Afull-out
Child pornography is illegal in mostS
QA of the world, and most of the world
seems to have different viewAs on what exactly constitutes it; for the
sake of simplicity, on Athis page the definition according to US federal
This wiki is a group effort and everybody will get the most ouAt of it if
everybody makes quality contributions so feel free to Afeel free to add
any resource you know of. This page is the sourcS
QAe of constant vandalism.
Please make backups for yourself. If youA're a person looking to
vandalize this page, please don't. PleaseA respect our free speech rights
QA that you stay as safe as possible when browsing these
sites. ConAsider reading about Browser security. Use encryption to
encrypt iAllegal files. Stay anonymous at all times and never reveal
QAation about yourself.
  [edit </wiki/index.php?title=Hard_CandyA&action=edit&section=2>] Projects
  * Age of consent </wiki/indeAx.php/Age_of_consent> - Information on the
    statutes and legalS
QA codes or conduct regulations.
  * History of CP </wiki/index.phpA/History_of_CP> - An attempt to make
    an encyclopedia of ChildA Pornography, Child Models, MySpace girls
QAentralization Project </wiki/index.php/Centralization_Project> -
A    For now it is just discussion about creating a distributed wiAki-like
    database complete with image samples and file hashes.S
  * To do </wiki/index.php/To_do> - List of suggestions to reconAcile the
    society with child lovers.
  * Your Own Pedo Site </Awiki/index.php/Your_Own_Pedo_Site> - A tutorial
QAedo site of your own, and reducing the attendant
    anonymity/seAcurity risks.
  * Pedo tag </wiki/index.php/Pedo_tag> - DiscussioAn on how to identify
    the pedo-community.
  * Back to Normal <S
QA/wiki/index.php/Back_to_Normal> - Blueprint for a
    new child lAove movement. Volunteers </wiki/index.php/BTN_Volunteer>
    sougAht! (Last Updated 2011-09-26)
  * The Upload Guide
QAz3u5drneuzhaeo.onion/users/uploadguide/index.html> -
    Project Ato setup a guide for clearnet uploads. Includes host list.
  * ThAe Child Nudity Wiki
QAle/w/index.php/Main_Page> -
    An indexing of all instances of cAhild nudity.
  * Security and Anti-Forensics Guide
    <http://xqAz3u5drneuzhaeo.onion/users/missionman> - Guide covering
QAest security practices and anti-forensics techniques.
  [edit A</wiki/index.php?title=Hard_Candy&action=edit&section=3>] Chat /
A  Discussion Groups
        [edit </wiki/index.php?title=Hard_CS
  * Newcumers <http:/A/> (direct
    <>) - Long time running
    pedo chat. maintained welS
QAl by the olympic skeer.
    <> - Open
    chat. Nice designA.
  * DanBB <> - Scandinavian chat mS
        [edit </wiki/index.php?titAle=Hard_Candy&action=edit&section=5>]
  * GirlChat A<> - Board for chatting about
QAl love. Strongly anti-rape. Registration required to post. The
  A  hint of anything illegal will get you banned.
  * Le Jardin d'AAlice <> and La Maison de
QA> - French girl-lover boards. The first
    isA modeled after GirlChat, the second is a phpbb. Similar rules to
A    GirlChat: registration required, hinting at anything illegal
QA    warrants you an immediate ban. Discussing something illegal yAou have
    done (including having watched child pornography) youA have not been
    prosecuted for is prohibited.
QA://> - A site for the discussion of physical
    attraActions and relationships between minors and adults.
  * <> - German
  * Free Spirits <> - Boy-lovAer page.
    Includes links to a Wiki, discussion groups in EngliAsh, German,
    Dutch, Spanish and French and others.
QApage <> P
    GemeinschaftsAbund (Homepage, da auch Zugang zu PGB Online Forum)
  * NewcomersA <> - Chat for people of all types,
QA place to share and have fun.
  * Prev.CC <> - PedAo-activism board in German and English.
        [edit </wiki/iAndex.php?title=Hard_Candy&action=edit&section=6>] IRC
QA.onion servers are listed on the Main Page
<http://kpvz7ki2v5agwtA35.onion/wiki/index.php/Main_Page#IRC>, consider
reading the IRC AAnonymity Guide
  [edit </wiki/index.php?title=Hard_Candy&acAtion=edit&section=7>] Resources
    [edit </wiki/index.php?titlAe=Hard_Candy&action=edit&section=8>]
QAsites are NOT child-porn sites but sites with non-nude
models undAer 18. Please DO NOT post child-porn here because some may not
liAke nude or hardcore material. There are plenty of other places inS
section below. The sites listed here do not tolerate child pAorn in any
form, although their images have been rated child pornA in some
jurisdictions, so they can NOT be regarded LEGAL everywhS
      [edit </wiki/index.php?title=Hard_Candy&action=edit&Asection=9>] WWW
        [edit </wiki/index.php?title=Hard_CandyA&action=edit&section=10>]
QA> - Young feet forum.
  * ErosAphere <> - A wordpress blog with a
  A  huge archive of NN models. Also posts child nudism. Looks real S
    but all the files, except for thumbnails are located on Atwo unsafe
    hosts,, which apparently needs javaAscript enabled,
    and, which requires registration S
QAat a link that can only
    be REACHED with javascript. Possibly Aa honeypot. If you know a
    workaround, please post it. - ApparAently totally down 10/14/2012.
        [edit </wiki/index.php?S
  * Kawaii 15 </wiki/index.php/Kawaii_15>
  * Jailbaits TV -A Official Jailbaits Forum <> -
QAf nonude underage galleries/videos/siterips and rare sets.
    PrAeviously Jailbaits-Forum (, now dead. Some
  A  private areas for paying members. Active and legal community siS
    2007. Hosted in Ukraine.
        [edit </wiki/index.phAp?title=Hard_Candy&action=edit&section=12>]
        Image Boards
  * 18+ The Only Hot! chan <> - Boards iS
    Cute boys, Cute girls, lolicon and shotacon.
  * ?????A???? Shokunin <> - Mostly NN PTSC
 A   or otherwise risque NN loli model material and naughty little S
  * [1] <>ichan young girls models
 A       [edit </wiki/index.php?title=Hard_Candy&action=edit&sectioAn=13>]
        Torrent Sites
BitTorrent in theory can be set up S
QAover Tor with the help of OnionCat
</wiki/index.php/BitTorrent_viAa_OnionCat_VPN> however some BitTorrent
software *will* break youAr anonymity by sending your IP address over and
Also BitTorrent will choke theS
QA Tor network to a standstill, as it is not
designed to take the lAoad BitTorrent creates. Not safe and harms the Tor
  * AThe Pirate Bay <> - Tons of preteens and
QA    some jailbait, all NN. NOTE: TPB has deleted almost all NN toArrents
    because of new laws.
  * Deadfrog <> - 3D/anime/manga loli art mostly.
  * Bitsnoop <http://bS> - as of June, 2011, has a lot of SC
    and HC materAials, most are clearly marked as such and can be easily
    foundA using pedo keywords.
  * Torrentz <> - Large cS
QAollection of both non-nude
    and nude models, lots of LS stuff.A Hardcore is minimal but can be
  * [2] <>
Use pedo key words and there is some conS
QAtent left. However, be very
careful of the website as it is highlAy monitored.
    [edit </wiki/index.php?title=Hard_Candy&actionA=edit&section=14>]
    Nude or Hardcore
      [edit </wiki/indeS
      Freenet <htAtps://>
Freenet, like I2P, is one of the Aonly systems good for anonymously
sharing large files such as CDsS
QA, DVDs or entire hard-drives, but Freenet
freesites unlike I2P eeApsites and Tor hidden services, are paths instead
of host names. AFiles and 'freesites' do not reside on one computer but
QAround inside the Freenet network. Everyone running Freenet
decideAs how much disk space he/she makes available for the encrypted
        [edit </wiki/index.php?title=Hard_Candy&actioS
        Freesite Indexes/Portals
  * Hussy-AActivelinks
    Portal to all freesitAes from the members of the frost board "Hussy"
    including LS, ABD and many other studios.
    AAlternative portal to all LS sites.
    Alternative portal to all BD sites.
  * ChildModels-ActS
    Portal to all freS
QAesites from members of the frost board "child
    models - girls"A.
    Links to everything ontopic on FrAeenet including all other in this
  * Index tAo underage-content ShareLink freepages
    Index to quickAly made freepages with pedo content.
  * Kiddies all the way!
QA <,qnbArABr~SIj~ltt8mtuRsrHteJqOvJOWuzEKTtpdMk,AQACAAAE/kidz/-5>
    Freesite with various CP videos [back up!].
    Contains all known Vicky videos and some cS
QAase history [down 12/18/12].
  * Kindergarten Sex
QA - Kindergarten </wiki/index.php/Kindergarten> Sex series. Low
  A  quality pictures depicting underage Russian girls. [down]
    - Softcore models (nude). [doAwn 12/18/12]
  * The Pthc Conexxion
    - Links tAo galleries. [down 12/18/12]
A    - Teen Boy Galleries.
  * Adolf Hitlers Preteen Collection
QA  <,hYjz-AvOtHAxd2CM---t2ittrzjdbn1Sx3RQFtrxEbs,AQACAAAE/ahipc-2/index1.html>
    - Freesite containing various HC and S
QASC Preteen Images [down 12/18/12]
    Archive of boy related keys from frost boards.
    - information page on CP, articles, Ainfos on studios and girls, news
    related to pedophilia... [doAwn 12/18/12]
    - Gallery for LS-Fan set A15a. Katya. Links to others sets.
  * Siberian Mouse Studio
    - movies from Siberian Mouse Studio
    - super lolita videos
  * rowan's boyporn database
    rowan's boyporn database
QA      </wiki/index.php?title=Hard_Candy&action=edit&section=17>]
A          Frost </wiki/index.php/Frost> Boards
To find the most Aactive boards you can check out the Frost stats
To update your list of boards download the activeboards.xS
it into Frost by clicking /News -> Display Known BAoards/ then click
/"Import ..."/ and select the downloaded XML fiAle.
            Frost Download
From SoAurceForge <> or its
(can also be accessed from The file
sharing service in the last official release cS
QAan be spammed with junk
files that will prevent Frost from startiAng after a few days of uptime.
It is best to disable file sharingA in frosts settings.
      [edit </wiki/index.php?title=Hard_CaS
      I2P <>
I2P eeApsites work like Tor hidden services, but usually faster and moreA
    - sAite with some links, stable
    - an imagechan, stable, unmoderated, slow
QAard for free and open discussion, images and torrents
    accepteAd, stable
    - 12chan in I2P (up 19-10-S
    - a boyAs gallery in I2P, huge collection, stable
  * Adolescent Male MusS
    - galleries about maturing boys, stable, fast
  * IRC - channel #boyz on I2PIRC <irc://
QA68/> for free talks
    about boys and stuff, for german tAalk. Also #pthc (not active)
  * torrent - the pboard
    and this 4chan.i2p
    have some torrents which work compAletely inside of I2P.
  * iMule <http://echelon.i2p/imule/> anonyS
QAmous P2P filesharing - a
    number of HC videos are available foAr download in iMule
      [edit </wiki/index.php?title=Hard_CaAndy&action=edit&section=20>]
      Tor </wiki/index.php/Tor>
QA      [edit </wiki/index.php?title=Hard_Candy&action=edit&sectionA=21>]
        Web Hidden Services
Please consider contributing tAo the community by starting your own pedo
site </wiki/index.php/YS
QAour_Own_Pedo_Site>: or at least offering advice
on that page to tAhose who would like to.
          General SS
  * Lolita City <http://m3hjrfh4hlqc67gb.onion/> - (info
  A  </wiki/index.php/Lolita_City>) Described as the biggest CP siteA in
    the Onionland. Light, moderately fast collection, with a S
    invaluable) tag, search and comment system. As of NoveAmber 2012 it
    hosts over 1 000 000 images.
  * Traci Lords UndAerage
    Lords Complete Underage Video Collection (pay)
A  * (OPVA2) Onion Pedo Video Archive 2 <http://opva2pilsncvtwmh.oAnion/>
    - (info </wiki/index.php/OnionPedo_Video_Archive>) VidS
    with comments, tags and search system. RegistratioAn is required but
    it's instant (no email confirmation). Just Aregister new details
    every session if desired. Working usernaS
QAme and password User:
    Hiddenwiki2012 Pass: password Note: MulAtiple people using this same
    account at once seems to make yoAur session reset, requiring you to
    log back in often.
QAeless Trolling m1 <http://buttsfuknx5ckbix.onion/> m2
    <http:/A/buttsx4xhodotpah.onion/> m3 <http://buttsuxkbuytguhw.onion/>
   A - Collection of various pthc pictures, mainly girls. Bringing neS
    pedos to Tor via ClearWeb Wifi Trolling.
  * Pedo Dating agAency <http://z52konvwrvdrjj4u.onion/x3wd/> - Pedo
    Dating agenAcy for (pedo) women, mothers, men or fathers. You can
QA for free. Stay in contact! (down)
  * BL-Tools <http://ssx62vq6iAwuxsltj.onion/> - Site aims to maintain a
    catalog of files.
 A * Cam-a-lot <http://3bqvjtimcrvz4ajo.onion/> - The first true onS
    site dedicated strictly to webcams! Mostly boy-related coAntent.
    Unregisted users: View cams, thumbnails. Register userAs: Download
    cams, rate, comment. Authorized users: Upload camS
  * CP-12 <http://3rontsmevctjqyfj.onion/> - A 4images galleryA,
    resembling retail.
  * Archivist - youngboys <http://arch4jAgjcyt55gb2.onion/> - Collection
    of various boy picture sets.
QA  * Gals XXX Gallery <http://xqz3u5drneuzhaeo.onion/users/xtragalAlery/>
    - Pictures a place to upload.
  * HTTP Dir Index <httpA://c7lt62zuq46uywrn.onion/> - Many pictures and
QA Excellent video archive (files split into parts) has
    returneAd after temporary blip. New content is added occasionally.
  * ThAe MJBLeaks <http://mjblksypqujdjo2d.onion/> - A massive collectioS
    of male jailbait pics. [Last updated 2011-07-07]
  * P-Gal A<http://mhjh6dvrccxuqo7b.onion/> - Preteen galleries, contains
  A  boys and girls, PT and JB. Javascript needed to view.
QA-STOR <http://uo5y56hp6yi227am.onion/> - Underage storage. -
    AFlooded with LEA logo pictures.
  * sTORage <http://utovvyhaflle7A6gh.onion/> - Often has content. Its
    free-for-all design (wheS
QAre anyone can modify and even delete any
    file or directory) hAas made of it an unreliable file storage. Locked
    since 09-201A2. Soon to be offline. No CP allowed.
  * Svenska pedofiler <httpS
QA://3qmzpsw5td2mk4ts.onion/> - This will
    eventually be a site Afor swedish pedophiles to connect with
    eachother. All swedes Asend me a message.
  * TorGallery <http://xvtaqpvwv7aptj2p.onion/S
QA> - Images of underage
    interest, similar to Curator. (down)
 A * The Ulimate Collection Vol.2 <http://cm6pxkmeyhf7kryb.onion/> A-
    Underage galleries.
  * 5cez64xymwnci47y dump <http://5cez6S
QA4xymwnci47y.onion/> -
    5cez64xymwnci47y dump.
  * nildye554wddAriqc.onion <http://nildye554wddriqc.onion/> - Server
    with simAple content, not always up.
  * Sciclay Cams <http://3pav6ivc6czuS
QAypuq.onion/> - Feet related cams
    (of boys) by Sciclay.
  * AlAl natural spanking! <http://7haz75ietrhjds3j.onion/> - For
    spAanking lovers.
  * Topic Links <http://vkq6wz4ozmldscii.onion/> -S
QA Onion and clearnet
  * Artim's Little Onionworld <httAp://34m5fntgvz44hw2q.onion/> - A nice
    blog-style board with bAoys.
  * Polar Lights <http://di3dz5udvhipfmho.onion/> - Polar LiS
 A * PedoEmpire <http://kfdtk3fl3bp7r2is.onion> - Home to all the sS
    in the PedoEmpire network.
  * PedoUpload <http://kfdtk3Afl3bp7r2is.onion/upload/> - An image upload
    and hosting serviAce.
  * PedoChat <http://kfdtk3fl3bp7r2is.onion/chat/> - Come meeS
    pedos. No JS, Java or Flash required.
  * PedoWiki <hAttp://rl2pgrl56om2njuw.onion/index.php/Main_Page> - A
    wiki foAr cataloging all known information relating to pedophilia and
QA child pornography.
  * Hurt 2 The Core <http://4i2aiir44iqzopme.Aonion/index.php> - A forum
    dedicated to open discussion, and Aimage sharing. /(Contains Hurtcore)/
  * BoyVids 1.1 <http://x64nS
QA42mkjidmy2zr.onion/> - Boards dedicated to
    boys of all ages, Aprimarily focused on videos but also has sections
    for images Aand chat.
  * BoyVids 2.0 <http://quugalxmtpfwrq3q.onion/> - BoarS
    boys of all ages, maintained by moderators anAd admin, section for
    videos, images and chat. *(down)*
  * BoAyVids BV3 <http://fykilh353zfwtrue.onion/bv3/> - Boards dedicatedS
    to boys of all ages, primarily focused on videos but also haAs
    sections for images and chat.
  * Naturist Boy Vids V1.0 <hAttp://2herc2idzwk3dhpj.onion/forum/> Forum,
    created to faciliS
QAtate the sharing of naturist boy videos.
  * DanBB <http://xqz3u5Adrneuzhaeo.onion/users/data/DanIB2-Beta/phpBB3/>
    - Danish forAum. Only scandinavian languages allowed. Public but
QA needed. Running phpBB3.
  * Family Fun & Forbidden Fruit <http:/A/4pms4sejqrryckox.onion/> - New
    Discussion Board with pics anAd vids.
  * Flachbrustkanal <http://mc2wqhlkh6ffgrdi.onion/> - GeS
    with cp section. 18/12/12 Back in business. NAote: It looks like a
    captcha is really needed in every Web siAte because of script
    kiddies, child porn or not.
QA <http://waivt2ksvjukhsps.onion/> - Basic image-board. Tends
    Ato be a bit slow.
    <http://xqz3u5drneuzhaeAo.onion/users/boysnice/janbb/index.php> - An
    International MeS
QAeting Place For Persecuted Sexual Minorities (Is
    being reconsAtructed - Dec/2012 - ).
  * Jailbait Sex Forum <http://jbsex4wngjApo5i27.onion/> - As the title
    says, jailbait content. Has beeS
QAn up for more than a year but now
    looks like pretty dead.
  *A KindzazaChan <http://yl2wafirpac6rtqz.onion/> - Public image-boaArd.
  * Millennium Board <http://rhhkpum6v7hsqgjr.onion/phpBB3/> S
    general discussion/pic-/vid-sharing forum that will beA regularly
    backed up. No account needed. Also has a pee sectiAon.
  * NoNameBoard <http://idp3nuawtuxylglu.onion/> - Russian siS
  * 4pedo <http://7ydnpplko5lbgfx5.onion> - New board, lots oAf content
  * Boys in diapers <http://7o6dcmajcps4tbjb.onion/> PaAmpersIB - Site
    dedicated to boys of all ages in diapers (mostS
QAly NN and soft-core.
    No hard core but considered CP by societAy). - Up and working as of
  * PAIS <http://paislelAi66axejos.onion/>- German Forum (Deutsches
    Forum) for generalS
QA discussion about pedophilia.
  * Pedobook <http://oqm66m6iyt6vxkA7k.onion/> - Gallery/Group site,
    updated daily with images. (ADOWN 12/09). Very quick down per Tor on
    December 11,2012.
QA TB2 <http://s7cgvirt5wvojli5.onion/> - Image board, Babies and
 A   Toddlers section, for sharing images . (DOWN 12/09)
  * TSChanA <http://tsc6zladnge7kruz.onion/> - Image board with girls and
QA  boys sections as well as jailbait and cam recorded. - Back sincAe
  * SteelPedo <http://jva7jpw27pfycasu.onion/> - ASimple imageboard,
    clone of IronPedo using the original sourcS
denkert <http://3rontsmevctjqyfj.onion/> - Hungary Aforum. Only
    hungary languages allowed. Public but signup is nAeeded.
          Sites with Access RestricAtions
  * Pedo Support Community 2012 <http://f3wjuyqroxyz2z3w.oAnion/> -
    Support and resource community for pedophiles.
QAD Boys <http://vs5hb2ybldb4gfja.onion/> - Forum for boy-related
 A   computer generated and drawn images, stories and more. RegistrAation
    and introduction required. (Alternative address:
QAz3u5drneuzhaeo.onion/users/ayas/ )
  * Amatores Puerorum <http://Assx46oqheovkkwda.onion/> - A CP
    site/Society with all types oAf CP/JB. Do not use - asks for contact
    via email lea trap (yoS
QAu can use hushmail/mailcatch/safe-mail/etc) -
    If its an LEA tArap why even bother posting it?
  * Forum of GnoM <http://wvioni5Alrle3z3z7.onion/> - Russian forum by
    Gnom. Registration and mS
QAanual activation by admin required. (spams
    other sites heavilAy- beware!)
  * Hoarders Hell <http://ykgv25sm3mc4vm4t.onion/> - ANEW Board for New
    and Rare material only! Strict membership cS
QAonditions!! Check out our
    new open boards.
  * Kindzaza NEW <Ahttp://6p7rd57bd6ph3hlp.onion/> - Requires upload of
    content Ato join. Largely in Russian. Material is uploaded on
QA presumably to non-JavaScript file sharing sites.
  * The Love ZoAne <http://5toqozoa4vkbduqe.onion/TLZ> - English/German
    speakAing community for active members. Access to Safety Guides.
QAgistration and manual activation by admin required. Needs approvaAl
    post to see whole board. Inactive members will be pruned reAgularly.
  * OnionCams <http://s3dm26yr6kn3bxxl.onion/> InvitatioS
    board for webcam caps, YouTube videos, etc. AlAl ages are welcome.
    Registration and manual activation by admAin required. Inactive
    members will be pruned regularly.
QAaradise Village <http://x3zrcuuaa3oryn3h.onion/> - CP sharing
   A platform; has its own virtual money which can be used for tradinAg
    and paying the monthly membership fees; you earn money by uS
    photos and videos to file hosting services on the reAgular web. forum
    <http://x3zrcuuaa3oryn3h.onion/forum/> wiki
A    <http://x3zrcuuaa3oryn3h.onion/wiki/>.
  * Polskie Centrum BoS
QAylove <http://2l3kh6gzncyiseft.onion/phpBB3/> -
    Polish portalA about boylove, with forum.
  * SI] - Secret Initiation. RegistraAtion and contributions required.
  * Sky Land <http://akyqzxrvj33S
QAoywgn.onion/> - English/Russian
    community. Requires upload ofA content to join. Registration and
    contributions required.
  A* Secret Corner Uploader <http://ykq2wvlvaaawugky.onion/> - UnderS
  * No Limits Fun <http://kcsajjps53ck7is3.oniAon/> - Tor's Newest Cp
    Site. *Rape/force* No Limits on what cAan be done. (Girl Models
    Only). New link! The first is redireS
QActing to an "Anonserver"..
  * Lovin' Teens <http://h2ojnt7ctjcpoAo7k.onion/> - A girls-only site
    featuring nude and non-nude gAirls who are developing first hairs.
    The site features girls S
QAfrom around age 11-16. Users must register
    with a tormail.orgA email address to gain access as all other users
    with other eAmail domains are deleted.
QAex.php?title=Hard_Candy&action=edit&section=25>] LS
  * LS ModelAs <http://xqz3u5drneuzhaeo.onion/users/lslink/index.html> -
    AA hidden service with Freenet content keys, from board hussy to LSS
    Models series pics and videos.
  * Ultimate Index <http://xqAz3u5drneuzhaeo.onion/users/ultimateindex/>
          How-to Guides
  * How to practice cAhild love
    <http://xqz3u5drneuzhaeo.onion/users/childlovin/> -A The original
    guide created by the mule in an easy to read HTS
    downloads - no pdf. - EPUB and MOBIPOCKET file
 A   <http://f3ew3p7s6lbftqm5.onion/text/%5BEPUB%5D%5BMOBI%5D%20HowA%20To%20Pratice%20Child%20Love%20-%20E-INK%20Reader%20release.zipS
  * Producing kiddie porn for dummies
    <http://xqz3u5drneuzAhaeo.onion/users/fordummies/> - A guide to
    shooting pictures Aand video safely as well as how-tos on how to
    censor picturesS
QA, audio and video.
  A* SnapBBS <http://4eiruntyxxbgfv7o.onion/snapbbs/sitedex.php> - LS
    of the Circle SnapBBS public text boards, many of which aAre pedo
      o Pedoxx <http://4eiruntyxxbgfv7o.onionA/snapbbs/1b05c59e/> - Talk
        board for the HotFuckingSluts S
QAsite listed above. (Vandalized by
        the special character bAug). Down per Tor as of 11-29-12.
      o Kids Like Animals
     A   <http://4eiruntyxxbgfv7o.onion/snapbbs/1c3efe83/> -
QAdo/Bestiality oriented. Low traffic. Up per Tor as of 11-29-12
  A      but very low traffic. (this doesnt work someone please fix Ait -Z)
      o Boys :-D <http://4eiruntyxxbgfv7o.onion/snapbbs/1fS
        some links, boys only. /Last post Dec 14 '0A9/. Requires
        login/pw. Is up as of 11-29-12 per Tor.
    A  o (Child) Love <http://4eiruntyxxbgfv7o.onion/snapbbs/2308c75/>S
        Has some links to pedo stuff and discussions. /Last poAst Mar 27
        '10/. This is up as of 11-29-12 per Tor. This rAequires a
        username and pw.
      o Child Prostitution GuiS
        <http://4eiruntyxxbgfv7o.onion/snapbbs/38f6d998/> - BoAard with
        information about where and how to find child prAostitutes.
        (Vandalized by the special character bug). SitS
        11-29-12 per Tor. Requires username and pw.A
        [edit </wiki/index.php?title=Hard_Candy&action=edit&sAection=28>]
        Defunct Web Hidden Services
QAnt Male Museum <http://gg3ggre77kphc3cf.onion/> -
    Preserving Athe beauty of the adolescent male. -CLOSED- This is def
    down Aas of 11-12-12.
  * 13chan <http://xqz3u5drneuzhaeo.onion/users/iS
    Chan-style board, current active boards are RAandom
    Jailbait], Cams <httS
    Primary focusA is jailbait, but anything is acceptable. - Broken;
    anyone caAn delete posts. This is up and working fine as of 10-23-12.
QAp and working as of 11-12-12.
  * BoysCom <http://h3pv234d2h6vov2Aa.onion/> - Image boards, discussion
    board and forum, of boysA and MJB only. STILL FLOODED. Stop by and
    visit. We're havingS
QA a lot of fun fucking with this guy. Up and
    working as of 11-A20-12.
  * HotFuckingSluts <http://75aiiotc26qp4j2y.onion/> - PedAo Video
    Archive. Run by Pedoxx
QAnion/snapbbs/1b05c59e/>, who also
    <http://75aiiotc26qp4j2y.onAion/readme.txt> has a SnapBBS site listed
    below. (DOWN for moAre than a year ago!!)
  * KiDO Network <http://dgaw7y4rmhtjjmlm.oS
QAnion/> - Private and public
    albums, Chat <http://dgaw7y4rmhtjAjmlm.onion/chat/> and PM
    <http://dgaw7y4rmhtjjmlm.onion/PM/> Aand Chat Album
    <http://dgaw7y4rmhtjjmlm.onion/chat_album/> whS
QAere you can upload
    pictures. DOWN 2011-10-29. Quick Tor Down Aas of 11-12-12.
  * NoNameChan <http://xqz3u5drneuzhaeo.onion/useArs/zvc/imgboard/> -
    Abandoned channel with several problems iS
    software's configuration. There are still pAosters and users on this
    channel. Highly spammed and vandalizAed. This is now 404 as of 11-12-12.
  * OnionIB <http://b4yrk2nkyS
QAdqfpzqm.onion/> (more info
    </wiki/index.php/OnionIB>) - FormeArly "NoNameChan v2". Fast and many
    boards. - /Locked, abandonAed 08 July 2011/. Locked as of 11-12-12.
  * PED-O-STOR <http://uS
QAo5y56hp6yi227am.onion/> - Underage storage. -
    Flooded with LEAA logo pictures. Still as b4 as of 10-23.12. Looks
    fine from Ahere. All categories appear to be empty as of 11-12-12.
QA Lights <http://7yrqyvhafv36voup.onion/> - Commercial previews.
 A   DOWN 2011-10-29 Very quick down from Tor as of 11-12-12.
  * SAidProtect <http://4fj7juxplvsxgocy.onion/> - Sidprotect. This is S
    as of 10-23-12 but requires registration or something. I cAan't read
    the language. Russian. Requires log-in/pw. Up and wAorking as of
  * TBchan <http://tbchannrvcijxdar.onS
QAion/> - The new TSchan, Image
    board with girls and boys sectiAons as well as jailbait. Down. Down
  * UltimAate-Pedo-Archives <http://kdq2y44aaas2aiu4.onion/> - Pictures
QA and videos. Painful slow, the downloads services are too slow toA be
    useful. Which is a shame since most of the stuff seems inAteresting.
    DOWN 2011-10-29 Down as of 11-12-12. Up as of 03-2S
  * PedoBoard <http://jkpos24pl2r3urlw.onion/> (more info
 A   </wiki/index.php/PedoBoard>) - Forum with pictures and chat. OAne of
    the very oldest boards around tor! (DOWN 12/03). Very qS
    Tor as of December 11, 2012.
/For older defunAct sites see List of pedophilia-related defunct hidden
        [edit </wiki/index.php?title=Hard_Candy&action=ediAt&section=29>]
        TorChat </wiki/index.php/TorChat> IDs
LisAt of IDs and handles of people who are committed to file sharing:S
  * ie7h37c4qmu5ccza - FALKOVIDEOS - video exchange! FALKOVIDEOA part 3,
    4, 5 and 6. This is the TorChat ID in every Falko
  A  </wiki/index.php/Falko> trailer to date.
  * PB Torchat DirectoS
QAry <http://nsurytno7mrou27e.onion/> - back up on a
    different A.onion
Also see the Contact Directory </wiki/index.php/Contact_ADirectory>.
      [edit </wiki/index.php?title=Hard_Candy&actioS
QAn=edit&section=30>] WWW
Viewing these sites via TOR puts the TorA endpoint gateways (exit nodes)
across the world at risk. Tor endApoints through which Child Prnography
has been viewed have been rS
<> by the
authorities, which at least causes embarrassmentA and temporary
confiscation of their machines, and can result in S
countries, as well as exposing the machines thaAt connected through them
to traffic analysis.
  * Ranchi Public ABoard
    - Was the largest and most actAive public BBS on the Internet for
    almost 10 years. If the liAnk doesn't work anymore, check the
    gateways. The first gatewaS
QAy down, stay alert for a new one ASAP:
      o Gateway #2 <http:/A/>
    <> -
    Old-style public board, no S
QAregistration needed. If the link doesn't
    work anymore, check Athe gateways !!DOWN ATM, soon back!! Still down
  A    o Gateway #1 <>
QA #2 <>
      o Gateway #3 <http://mgate.h19.Aru/>
  * Gateway Finder <> - General findAer page for
    Masquerade and Ranchi. Updated as soon as the ownS
QAer gets new links.
    Also has a link to a clearnet Hard Candy mAirror.
      o Finder mirror <>
      Ao Finder mirror <>
  * Anything Goes <httpS
QA://> - No Admins No rules. Be
    careful with Athis-one. High fishy! Down 3/30/13 CL
  * Art Lolita <> Longstanding BBS featuring
    primarily links to nudS
QAe preteen girls. Not a real BBS, rather
    paysite advertisementA only. Do not pay for anything! Per Tor as of
    11-29-12: site Ais up. Did not check in to see about the paying thing.
QAin Jones' (Rand's) forum <> - Good
    fAorum for amateur and pro teen pix and vidz... if you can find it.A
    Like Ranchi, it moves around a lot. The forum (or links to iS
    been seen (and sometimes reappears) at:
  A  <>, <>, 4gifs.comA
    <>, <>, 4gifs.tvS
    <>, <>,A <>, <>,
QAttp://>, FTW
    <>... among other variations. Also, and
    though more matureA, lolboobs <>, lolboobs
QAtp://> has nice tits :-).
    Orig URAL is a quick down per Tor as of 11-29-12. These others may be
  * IMGSRC <> (girls> / boys
    <http:/A/> / - has large amounts of sc teens, preteens, toddlers & babies
QA  along with occasional public urination, nudist, etc. photo setsA, and
    some (generally passworded) harder sets. Posters often Aask for
    hardcore comments on their pictures. Site is a quick S
    of 11-29-12. "EZ" password means that it is 123A45.
  * Reverse Access <> -
    List of image boards from East Asia - need to soS
QArt through links to
    find good ones. This is a very quick up pAer Tor as of 11-29-12. And
    yes, with many lists.
          Sites with Access Restrictions
  * / <> Religious site dedicated to
    Aantipornography, anticensorship and freedom of speech/ truth in
QA   general, has heavy focus on human sexuality; contains NO
    pAornographic pictures of children but contains nudes. Only way to
A    access god-of-cx.tumblr account, streaming video section alsoS
    Unlisted sections like, /sos/, /DAMN/ sitAe is free
    supported by ad revenue. Site is up via Tor as of 1A1-29-12. Pass
    request seems still legit.
        SAample Search Engine Queries
The following items mostly count as A"resource" even though some are
technically "chat/discussion."
QA * via
QAll be encountered in any of the results.
  * via google.cAom
    - signup or screening may be required in some resuAlts.
  * via
    -A JavaScript is required in every result, and signup or screening
A    may be required in some results.
  * via gS
    - some results are part of a long S
QAlineage of perishing yet
    respawning guestbooks
      [editA </wiki/index.php?title=Hard_Candy&action=edit&section=33>]
        [edit </wiki/index.php?title=Hard_Candy&acS
QAtion=edit&section=34>] LS
  * LS Models <http://xqz3u5drneuzhaeoA.onion/users/lslink/index.html> -
    A hidden service with FreenAet content keys, from board hussy to LS
    Models series pics anS
QAd videos. . This is up per Tor as of 11-29-12
    with a very quiAck response.
  [edit </wiki/index.php?title=Hard_Candy&action=Aedit&section=35>] Mirrors
Mirrors of Hard Candy. Someone should S
QAprobably duplicate somewhere not
on FH as well, post link if you Ahave own hosting (it is probably
pointless to have another mirrorA on FH, if one goes down they all will
QAandy @ Millennium Board
  * Hard Candy @ Freenet
  A  - mirror in Freenet network </wiki/index.php/Hard_Candy#FreenetA>
Category </wiki/index.php/Special:CAategories>:
  * Pedo </wiki/index.php/Category:Pedo>
  * Page </wiki/index.php/Hard_Candy>
  * Discussion </wiS
  * Edit </wiki/index.php?title=HarAd_Candy&action=edit>
  * History </wiki/index.php?title=Hard_CandAy&action=history>
          Personal tools
QA    </wiki/index.php?title=Special:UserLogin&returnto=Hard+Candy&Atype=signup>
  * Log in </wiki/index.php?title=Special:UserLogin&Areturnto=Hard+Candy>
  * Main page </wiki/index.php/Main_Page>
  * All pages A</wiki/index.php/Special:AllPages>
  * Recent changes </wiki/indeAx.php/Special:RecentChanges>
  * Random page </wiki/index.php/SpeS
  * What Alinks here </wiki/index.php/Special:WhatLinksHere/Hard_Candy>
  *A Related changes </wiki/index.php/Special:RecentChangesLinked/HarS
  * Special pages </wiki/index.php/Special:SpecialPages>A
  * Printable version </wiki/index.php?title=Hard_Candy&printablAe=yes>
  * Permanent link </wiki/index.php?title=Hard_Candy&oldidS
Powered by MediaWiki <//>
  * This paAge was last modified on 8 April 2013, at 04:28.
  * This page hasA been accessed 6,458,347 times.
  * Privacy policy </wiki/index.pS
  * About The Hidden Wiki </wiAki/index.php/The_Hidden_Wiki:About>
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blk03619.txt blk03620.txt blk03621.txt blk03622.txt blk03623.txt blk03624.txt blk03625.txt blk03626.txt blk03627.txt blk03628.txt blk03629.txt blk03630.txt blk03631.txt blk03632.txt blk03633.txt blk03634.txt blk03635.txt blk03636.txt blk03637.txt blk03638.txt blk03639.txt blk03640.txt blk03641.txt blk03642.txt blk03643.txt blk03644.txt blk03645.txt blk03646.txt blk03647.txt blk03648.txt blk03649.txt blk03650.txt blk03651.txt blk03652.txt blk03653.txt blk03654.txt blk03655.txt blk03656.txt blk03657.txt blk03658.txt blk03659.txt blk03660.txt blk03661.txt blk03662.txt blk03663.txt blk03664.txt blk03665.txt blk03666.txt blk03667.txt blk03668.txt blk03669.txt blk03670.txt blk03671.txt blk03672.txt blk03673.txt blk03674.txt blk03675.txt blk03676.txt blk03677.txt blk03678.txt blk03679.txt blk03680.txt blk03681.txt blk03682.txt blk03683.txt blk03684.txt blk03685.txt blk03686.txt blk03687.txt blk03688.txt blk03689.txt blk03690.txt blk03691.txt blk03692.txt blk03693.txt blk03694.txt blk03695.txt 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blk04312.txt blk04313.txt blk04314.txt blk04315.txt blk04316.txt blk04317.txt blk04318.txt blk04319.txt blk04320.txt blk04321.txt blk04322.txt blk04323.txt blk04324.txt blk04325.txt blk04326.txt blk04327.txt blk04328.txt blk04329.txt blk04330.txt blk04331.txt blk04332.txt blk04333.txt blk04334.txt blk04335.txt blk04336.txt blk04337.txt blk04338.txt blk04339.txt blk04340.txt blk04341.txt blk04342.txt blk04343.txt blk04344.txt blk04345.txt blk04346.txt blk04347.txt blk04348.txt blk04349.txt blk04350.txt blk04351.txt blk04352.txt blk04353.txt Show all files